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Strategic Global Approach

Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors
Malichi Group Worldwide utilizes over 39 years of executive management experience to bring a focused and personalized approach to each client engagement. We initially work with you to understand and clarify the particular mission of each engagement. We then work side by side with you to maintain strategic focus and direction in order to achieve the successful completion of our mandate and to insure that your needs and strategic goals have been met. Our various service offerings can serve you independently or in combination with one another. 

We take the responsibility of working with you and your business very seriously. That is why we limit our focus to working with a small number of clients at any one time. That way every principal can be assured that they are receiving our full effort and attention. We are committed to working hard and smart on your behalf, to protecting the confidentiality of your business affairs, to responding quickly and intently to your needs, and to helping you achieve your immediate and long-term strategic goals and initiatives.

We rely on a top-flight team of strategic global partners and financiers operating out of independent offices from every major region of the world to uncover superior opportunities in North America, Europe, Asia, China, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Latin America. 

Possibilities Within Global Partnerships

A recent Assurant survey on partnership expectations revealed that 72% of respondents expect global partners to help them meet their profitability goals as a measure of loyalty. To be a good global business partner, you must play offense, and help your partners better perform, adapt and lead. The question is how do you meet those expectations with limited resources? We can help you look to leverage existing business partnerships to expand current product offerings without having to do all the work or make the financial investment.