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Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors
Testimonial: The Honorable James A. Schellinger, Indiana Secretary of Commerce writes, "Dr. Malichi you are such a great business person and moreover a great ambassador for Indianapolis and Indiana. We appreciate you."

Testimonial: Greg Zoeller Co-Founder and Chairman of the World Trade Center Indianapolis, says "Dr. Toby Malichi is "All Things Trade in Indiana"

Global Update: Dr. Toby Malichi has been honored and officially selected as a multinational small-and-medium-sized enterprise  (MSME) global business leader to be featured and profiled as a member of The White House Business Council and a Business Forward Affiliate on their official website Work 

'The Hill' Washington DCs premier policy and political news organization recently  published Dr. Malichi as an influencer and opinion  contributor, on-line edition: "International Trade, Big Business for Small Businesses in Indiana" earning Dr. Malichi, the respect of his contemporaries that dubbed him 'A Voice With Global Influence' and "Go-To-Guy" for "All Things Trade" and leading him to being an internationally-recognized speaker, advocate, media subject matter expert and thought leader on navigating the new world of trade, advancing and expanding free trade agreements, and 'Business for Peace' on behalf of multinational small-and-medium-sized enterprises around the globe. "Dr. Toby" Malichi is a senior fellow at the Sagamore Institute in Indianapolis.

"As the world of accelerated globalization, amid geopolitical risk becomes more complicated and specialized with a future filled with free trade agreements, intellectual property rights, foreign direct investment, and cyber security. It's going to take more breadth and depth of trade expertise and global business diplomacy to succeed globally." MGW will champion and connect your company to our unparalleled network of influential global decision makers, potential partners, and entrepreneurial ecosystems to drive prosperity and growth.

"In business, there is no substitute for real world experience which is essential to your success. Our experience, since my founding Malichi Group Worldwide over 39 years ago, working with Fortune 500 companies, U.S. & Foreign Small-and-Medium-sized-Enterprises (SMEs), investment groups, and trade organizations in over 70 countries including: U.S.A., Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Asia, Dubai, India, Europe, and Africa - will help you achieve that success." Global Expertise Matters. Be Advised.™ ~ Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon. D. Bus., Founding Executive Chairman and Global Business Diplomat

Over Three-and-a-half Decades of Bold Trade Advice and Results-oriented Strategies for Multinational Small-and-Medium-sized Enterprises 

Malichi Group Worldwide (MGW), 'A Voice With Global Influence' is an internationally-recognized small-and-medium-sized enterprise (SME) multinational trade and global development firm, founded by Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon.D.Bus. its founding executive chairman and global business diplomat over 39 years ago, currently operating in over 70 countries around the globe. MGW provides expert, hard-earned strategic trade advice, CEO/global executive coaching for inspiring thought leadership, keen strategies and impacts for scaling and sustaining an amazing idea or global business to profitability, thus advancing 'purpose' and economic prosperity. Our world-class, expert, cross-border deal facilitation and communication skills are duly noted for leveraging and executing non-traditional techniques, that helps SMEs connect and  capitalize on unique synergies for unlocking profitable trade channels or accessing global value chains, that delivers trade-generated growth for 'going or growing' globally. MGW global engagement solutions are  strategically structured towards gaining a seat at the trade table, closing more cross-border trade deals, navigating the complex 'new world of trade' as well as our mastery for engaging multiple stakeholders at the highest of levels in industry, commerce, and government is what we do.

MGW is the operating managing partner for Global Chamber Indianapolis and Indiana, which conducts 'the business of trade' in over 525 regional metro markets in over 195 countries. MGW is also globally-recognized as the unparalleled "Go-To-Source for All Things Trade" on behalf of U.S. & Foreign SMEs,  and micro-enterprises, and is highly-regarded as the premier multinational small-and-medium-sized enterprise (MSME) 'Gold Standard' for providing global business diplomacy - when advocating and executing U.S. Free Trade Agreements or negotiating complex trade-related policy issues - for resolving conflicts, and minimizing risks which leads to growth and prosperity.

We accomplish this by capitalizing on our influential global networks, implementing cutting-edge cross-border strategies, and non-traditional  and unorthodox techniques as the hallmark for successfully promoting commercial ventures, foreign-direct investment (FDI), and conducting due diligence for minimizing risks thus saving time, money, and heartaches.

MGW combines global business diplomacy and responsive leadership with keen insights, influence, and mastery for leveraging Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), as the catalyst - that drives the execution strategy for navigating challenging "headwinds" for global engagement amid, an increasingly complex, geopolitical, and interconnected world economy.

So You Know, Before You Go 

MGW highly coveted "Potential Risk for Export Profitability" (PREP™) Gap Analysis is an analytical assessment of an organization's global readiness, strategic plans, due diligence tools, and leveraging free trade agreements to assess market-entry strategies, and evaluate political, cultural, economic, country knowledge, and export/import capabilities. Profitability strategies and risk tolerance are discussed in detail to determine readiness or metrics for global expansion - linking strategy and deal execution - while partnering with clients in delivering value creation and sustainable solutions for expanding trade operations in a private, efficient and timely manner. 

Keen Insights, Unique Techniques, Unparalleled Success 

MGW success, highly regarded as the "Gold" standard is based on a combination of unsurpassed intellectual proprietary strategy, highly-skilled global business diplomacy, and non-traditional facilitation and expert networking techniques - for reaching high-value decision-makers and accelerating deal closing - that helps our clients and partners thrive and prosper.

Malichi Group Worldwide was invited by INC. MAGAZINE for the prestigious honor of inclusion in 2017 and 2018 INC. 5000 fastest growing private companies in America.

Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon. D. Bus., Founding Executive Chairman, Global Business Diplomat, and Influencer, is passionate about Business For Peace, Advancing Global Business Through Diplomacy™ and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) that supports and enhances SMEs trade-generated growth, 'purpose' and economic prosperity. Building on the precedent, MGW continues its 'purpose' and pursuit through global business diplomacy, and making life more enriching for SMEs, micro-enterprises, and  private sector global business leaders by advocating and promoting sustainable development, entrepreneurship, resiliency global engagement, and innovation around the world.   
Malichi Global Ventures: Privately Expand And Prosper Your Business Globally 
MGW's global business unit: Malichi Global Ventures (MGV), also manages and represents a portfolio of ultra-private clientele of buyers, sellers, and investors seeking select cross-border deals, and opportunities who desire to be more discreet and private than "traditional trade channels" or "high-profile/non-exclusive" general public offerings. MGV leverages and sources our influential global network of high-value international relationships, connections, and privately-held business owners, buyers, sellers, investment groups, manufacturers, and suppliers; develop new business, help secure global trade finance, and initiate the transaction on their behalf by conducting due diligence and executing an applicable confidentiality agreement.
We take the responsibility of working with you and your business very seriously. That is why we limit our focus to working with a small number of clients at any one time. That way every principal can be assured that they are receiving our full effort and attention. We are committed to working hard and smart on your behalf, to protecting the confidentiality of your business affairs, to responding quickly and intently to your needs, and to helping you achieve your immediate and long-term strategic goals and initiatives.

"We Doze, But Never Close." Talk now with Dr. Toby Malichi: +1.317.515.8866 E.S.T or Email: Have a successful day and think  globally™


































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